What Made Christianity Flourish

Have you ever thought about what made Christianity flourish? This is a personal thought. If your looking for some scholarly explanation not sure this is it. It’s a simple mans thoughts. After Jesus was crucified, the remaining apostles were scared. Who wouldn’t be? The Pharisees had just hadRead More...

The Miracle Witnessed by a Nobel Prize Winning Doctor at Lourdes

The miracle witnessed by a Nobel prize winning Doctor at Lourdes is an account of a miraculous healing that occurred at the Grotto in Lourdes. For those of you that may not be familiar with Lourdes, it’s where The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a 14 yo FrenchRead More...

St Faustina Divine Mercy

The paragraph below is from the diary of St Faustina Divine Mercy in my soul. It’s Jesus talking to her about His Divine Mercy, and what I find particularly telling is how His mercy is so great not even angels can understand it. That’s powerful. The whole paragraphRead More...

Out of Love vs What Do I Get

There’s a Difference Between Out of Love vs What Do I Get. Sometimes we start out with being enticed to do something for what we might get and kind of change over to I want to do this because of love or compassion. When I first started readingRead More...

When God Offers a Grace Take it

I’m learning more and more that when God offers a grace, take it then. If you don’t it may move on to someone else. Unfortunately I think I’ve learned this lesson multiple times. I’m starting to wonder if what I’m writing might teach people what not to doRead More...

My PTSD is Gone! Somewhat

I haven’t written anything for a while because I’m struggling with how my PTSD is gone somewhat if you can believe that. Huh you say? Yea, me too. Like what’s that all about? God has allowed me to heal somewhat after so many years of torment and thisRead More...

Making a PTSD Break Thru Expanded

Making a PTSD break-thru expanded. I have to expand on my post on making a break-thru because I’m still successfully fighting off my mind with it controlling me and me fighting with it. How odd is that? I mean I still get intrusive thoughts, memories of what happened,Read More...



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